Together we start to understand the need and what do you want to solve short-mid and long term.

We want to be able to improve the management of your entire application landscape. You want to bring value to the business processes. Thinking about this you want to explore the opportunity and come up with a solid vision and strategy to move forward.





Together we will get a vision on how to bring Entreprise Architects on board to start  some mapping the application landscape and ICT infrastructure. Will will see in the face the readiness of available data. You want to explore the first business questions and perform as a specialist from the start.

You want a Proof of Value and a Proof of Concept to see the potential of this service. 



The concept is clear to you. You have some or a lot of experience in your organization. The vision is shared within your organisation and everybody understand the need. You want to be unburdened for that part you and in your organization don't have the extperise.

A proper tailor made service will be choosen. Implement only what you need and get focus.  You want to work with the best in the business and be succesfull.